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writing essays like


writing timed essays


It is seriously messed up how accurate this is


Secret to cohesive color schemes: pick a bunch of colors you want to do (purple, blue, etc like you did here), then pick an overall color (let’s say orange, for playfulness) that you want to tint everything towards… Overlay the “overall color” (or soft light, or whatever blending mode depending on if you want darker or lighter colors) and play with the opacity till you get something you can work with.

I did #FF9C00 set to Overlay and opacity set to 25% over your original choices to get this scheme.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s now a video tutorial going a little bit more in-depth on this technique on Method & Craft! Check it out here.

(via My Secret for Color Schemes by Erica Schoonmaker)

This is similar to a a gamut mask. I like it! I’ll definitely keep this method in mind in the future.



Paintbrushes, move over. There’s a cooler way to paint in town. Enter water transfer printing, a hydro-coating process that essentially uses liquid images and ink to coat 3-D objects of any material. If only this sorcery could be used for our nails… new venture?

Actually, you can. It’s called water marbling. I’ve done it many times. It’s hella easy and there are a ton of videos on youtube to watch if you need help getting started.

Mastering Complex Selections in Photoshop - SitePoint

Understanding Layer Masks In Photoshop





How to take the perfect nap

Where is the forever column?

they forgot the “3 hour death nap” where you wake up and feel like you’ve been run over by a tractor and your mascara has crusted your eyes shut 



some random pages. need more? let me know

watashi wa bitchoujo-sama, peasant: 4 Legal Ways To Get Free Textbooks.



1. Open Culture: Not a large a selection, but high quality texts. If you just want to skim a book to brush up on a course you took in ninth grade, download one of these. I have yet to be disappointed.

2. Book Boon: Provides free…

Stuff Nobody Tells you About Getting An Apartment.



This’ll cover the basics, such as financial expectation, rental history, what to bring for the application process, etc.

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Saving this for future reference. I don’t plan on getting a place until after at least my first deployment.